Wedding Music - Top Tips On Booking Wedding Artists


The number of musicians do I require?


The size of the wedding event celebration is the crucial to this question.


A duo with discreet amplification can gladly entertain a group of as much as 60-70 people. A trio can handle up to 100 individuals. As the celebration size increases, so does the size of the location. You require more happening on phase to capture the interest and get the party going. A 4 or five-piece band with a small PA system is generally required if the party is 100 or more .


To amuse 200 people and beyond, the quality of the PA system and the lighting for the phase and dance-floor ends up being important to the success of the occasion. An act is needed that is able to present a "performance" that not just sounds good however also looks excellent, in regards to movement and costume, with the ability to catch the interest of the crowd ... even those at the back of a huge hall!


How do I discover the ideal band?


The quality of musicianship is the most vital element. Listen to recordings of the band carrying out live, where readily available.


Repertoire and experience come next. How long has the band been involved in wedding home entertainment? Can you speak with a "pleased client" ... a couple who used the band for their wedding event and were, ideally, delighted with the outcome?


If it's possible, see the band carry out live. If your wedding is in the UK, do be aware that recently modified licensing laws have made it extremely difficult and costly to present live music in a public location, so public efficiencies by bands of the quality you need for a successful wedding event are a rarity.


How will the performance be arranged?


You can anticipate approximately 3x45 minute sets of live music in a four hour period ... or 2x1 hour sets, if it suits you better. If the musicians are carrying a PA system, they will probably come equipped with a CD gamer and will be able to play CDs of a comparable style of music for half an hour prior to the very first set and in the breaks in between the sets, offering professional-quality background music when the band is offstage.


For peace of mind, organise your music through a trusted company. Make sure you get, sign and return an agreement stipulating when the band will arrive, when the performance will occur and the agreed amount of reimbursement. You must expect to be able to speak with the bandleader a couple of weeks before the wedding event to go over any certain preferences you need.


That first dance is something actually special. If you approach the band well prior to the event, the individuals will typically be prepared to learn your picked song, if it's not currently in their repertoire.


Just how much should I anticipate paying?


Dependability and quality of performance are the two characteristics that are vital for headache-free, effective music at a wedding. If you opt for inexpensive, you are most likely to sacrifice either or both of the above!


In the UK, a professional musician will anticipate to take home 100 - 150 for an engagement. There are equipment and travel costs, along with promotion, marketing and firm costs.


As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate to pay 200 - 250 for a solo efficiency, 300 - 400 for a duo, 450 - 625 for a trio. A four-piece band begins at roughly 800. Depending upon the versatility of the musicians, the quality of equipment (PA system ... possibly backlighting for the phase and for the dance-floor), the price enhances to 1000 - 1500. Larger bands cost proportionately more.